What is Directory Security Compliance ?

DSC is an innovative solution to help you secure your directory infrastructure.

Real-time attack-surface visualization

DSC continously analyzes your directory infrastructure and alerts you when vulnerabilities are discovered. Learn more.


Based on recognized expertise in directory security, we developed innovative metrics to instantly evaluate the security of huge infrastructures.

Continuous analysis

One-shot audits are from the past. Your infrastructure evolves everyday and should be monitored in real-time.

Tailor-made recommendations

Enumerating vulnerabilities is not enough. We provide you with technical data and precise steps to help you make your infrastructure more secure.

Decision-maker focused

We won't flood you with useless information. Although we monitor thousands of parameters in your infrastructure, we synthesize them in crystal clear dashboards.

Why should I protect my infrastructure ?

Your entire organization depends on Active Directory or Samba services.

Advanced attackers systematically target directory infrastructure

When facing advanced attackers, it is not enough to only track privileged accounts to protect your organization. Several weak spots can lead to a massive compromise (object security descriptor, GPO links, weak authentication mechanisms, etc.).

Directory Security Compliance introduces a new approach

Most current security strategies are outdated and do not worry serious attackers. DSC rebalances the game by analyzing your infrastructure in real-time and warns you before the attack occurs.

Major companies are trusting Alsid to protect their assets

Alsid’s deployment approach enables simple and fast product integration. We use robust cloud platforms and partner with hardware manufacturers to deliver easy to set-up and effective products. Alsid's DSC is able to monitor the largest infrastructures in the world.

supervizable domains per instance
indicators-of-exposure currently monitored
directory objects reviewable per hour

Do not wait for attackers. Act now.

Let us show you how we prevent breaches.